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Quit plastic- An Eco-friendly mate of all-party servings.

Updated: Feb 10

“Work hard party harder, is a commonly goes well to describe party animals. In swirl of fast-moving urban life people seldom find time to cook elaborately and throws a party to their guests as it was thrown in last few decades of twentieth century. With the advent of consumer-friendly household operational appliances like freezers, dishwashers, mixer-grinders, toasters, chopping and blending machines etc. and fast mobilization cosmopolitans now adorns their guests with compact party arrangements.

Quit plastic- An Eco-friendly mate of all-party servings.

Recent trend in major Indian cities is to adore guests with specialized cuisines from guest’s and host’s favorite restaurants, order wines and alcoholic beverage from liquor shop and desserts from favorite bakeries. No body makes wine from grapes today or involves their time in kitchen to bake that perfect sponge cake. Paucity of time in urban areas of India and rest of the world, amongst hectic life and naggingly busy work corporate culture have left people craving for more and more compact options for household needs. Hence the birth of technology like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber, Big-Basket, Myntra, Grofers etc. In fact, to speak practically, the entire e-commerce industry is riding on the back of paucity of time and the need of door deliveries of urban people. Isn’t it? It is needless to say that in today’s world, hosts look for party ingredients and options which keeps them least in their kitchen, be it cooking or utensil cleaning. Hence single use disposables serving tablewares are becoming popular day by day. Small cities and even suburbs have been also quickly catching up with this party trend. But to be honest this party trend is not Evil free. While disposable tableware companies are fueling their production to meet the humungous demands of urban population across the world, the wastes and residues coming out of these compact themed parties continues to lodge havoc upon biodiversity, and environment.

These non-biodegradable plastic disposables and table wares are made up of extremely carcinogenic chemicals and has been recognized ad chief source of soil pollution. Consumption of these inorganic poisonous plastics are killing thousands of milkable cattle every year. Indirect consumption of these disposable, non-compostable plastics through cattle meat is infusing nothing but poisonous carcinogenic materials into human blood stream every second every hour every second. So then, people who do not consume cattle meat are they safe? It would just be a folly to think that world vegetarian or vegan population is excluded from such slow blood poisoning. The above said plastic, styrofoam and thermocol disposable tablewares harms vegetables and fruits plants equally. It takes decades together for these plastic disposables and tablewares to break down and all the while till these gets compost, it releases harmful chemicals into the topsoil and leeches it severely. Eco-scientists around the world are relentlessly researching for solutions to combat such society breed evil. As possible solution to the said evil eco- scientists are and governments across the world are initiating projects for people to kill litter and quit plastic.

Party Pack Disposables

Then what should we do? should we stop using single use disposables? Should we wash utensils while our guests come in? or should we call of the party early we have to wash a huge pile of utensils after our guests leave. The answer is NO.! say no to non-compostable and bio-degradable plastics and welcome bio-degradable and compostable, single use disposable tablewares. Bring home Quit Plastics uniquely designed compostable and bio-degradable tableware curated designed packs and be gentle to the environment. Go easy on your hands too. Save yourself from unnecessary efforts of washing and cleaning utensils, and dance, laugh, party hard with your guests as much as you want.

Quit plastic’s single use Eco Friendly disposable tableware packs are made up of sugarcane bagasse and are 100% plastic and BPA free. Even the surface of these table wares is not sprinkled with plastic granules like other compostable single use tablewares. Yet, each item in the Quit Plastic’s Single Use Multipurpose Party pack is absolutely leakage proof. With Quit Plastic’s Party Pack in your home, stop worrying about seepage stains of pickles, chocolate, melted ice-creams on your favorite sofa or cushion. Contents of Quit Plastics Party Packs are sturdy and comes with non-soluble quoting. They can be microwaved, and they are freezer safe. It not enough to provide our kids with healthy food options, but we must keep see that the food we serve to them remains health till it goes in their stomach. Quit Plastic’s disposable single use tablewares are absolutely safe for kids and pets. Quit Plastic’s serving cutleries and serving tools are made in compliance with USFDA instructions and are compostable by “OK BIO” standards. Contents of Quit Plastic’s party packs are high on strength. Quit Plastic table wares or cutlery do not react with any food and hence chances of food contamination is negligible. Next time bring home your serving mate and puff your worries. The serving wares are strong and so they would not break even if your foodie guest heaped up a lot of food in his /her plate.

25 people party set

Each Party Pack of Quit Plastic is endowed with 259 pieces of eco-friendly, single use serving wares. For more detail’s quantity, category, and specification and capacity of Quit Plastic Party Park log on to The quantity of items in a Quit Plastic Party Pack is adequate for a moderately populated party and a single pack is priced at Rs. 650 Rs. Only with GST. Not enough? for the party animas Quit Plastic brings supper money saver deals frequently. So, keep checking the website. Quit Plastic has extremely affordable monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual subscription deals. Hurry! check the website for discounted rates before the deal expires.

Discounted Disposables

You can also order your pack of Quit Plastic from various OTP platforms and departmental stores in Gujarat like Quit Plastic Website, Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Grofers, Meesho, Spencer’s, Big Bazaar and D- mart’s. You may also order through your WhatsApp at +91 9104131727 or mail them directly on Quit Plastic Online Store in India is founded by Ajay Somaiya an Ecopreneur based in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.

Indian Government & Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently already announced ban on single use disposable plastics, to be effective from 2022. Do your bit to save nature and provide digestible fodder to thousands of hungry cattle, while you party madly. Dispose only Quit Plastic wastes. Party hard, work harder and save environment.

To Buy this Eco-Friendly Party Servings Pack from Quit Plastic Online Store Click the link below


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