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Quit Plastic is a Zero-Waste Solution Company. We are an Compostable / Biodegradable Eco Friendly Food Packagaing Promoter of Sugarcane Bagasse Disposable Products with arange of 125+ products in line and with different Wholesale & Retail Compostable Food Packaging Range.

Our Tableware Packs are the Perfect Solution for all your Regular & Frequent, Indoor & Outdoor Occasions curated for Individuals, Groups, Family etc. Range that includes Family Pack, Party Pack, Picnic Pack, Travel Pack, Office Pack, Hospital Pack, Hostel & Paying Guest Pack, Gift Pack School & Wedding Pack.


WholeSale Business Policies

 Minimum Investment : 

  • 10 Lakhs per Month Tier - 1 Cities,          

  • 05 Lakhs per Month Tier - 2 Cities,          

  • 02 Lakhs per Month Tier - 3 Cities, 

Space Minimum 1500 Sq Ft Carpet to 2000 Sq Ft Carpet 

Profit Margin: Wholesale – 10-20%. Retail – 30-40%. Tableware Packs – 35-50% 

Staff Required – 3 Persons 

Area of Business – Home District + 2 Districts = Market Supply Chain Development Locally & Regionally 

Payment Policy: Advance Only

Samples Available (Chargeable Service) 

Shipping (Courier or Road or Sea or Air) shall be extra 

GST Applicable: 12% 

Retail Business Policies

 Minimum Investment: 50,000 per Month 

 Space Minimum 300 Sq Ft Carpet to 400 Sq Ft Carpet 

 Profit Margin: Retail – 30-40%. Tableware Packs – 35% 

 Staff Required – 2 Person 

 Area of Business – Home District 

 Payment Policy: Advance Only

Samples Available (Chargeable) 

Shipping (Courier or Road or Sea or Air)    shall be extra 

GST Applicable: 12% 

Sales & Marketing Facilitation

Free Digital Customized Catalog of the Dealer

Printed Customized Catalogues shall be Chargeable

Digital Marketing for Dealer District & Sales Leads Support

Product Training (Online)

India’s only Conceptual Tableware Brand &

Premium Range of 125+ Bagasse Products​

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Quit Plastic's Range of 140+ Compostable Green Products

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