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Quit Plastic was founded by Ajay Somaiya in 2021 to change India’s Single Use Plastics Daily Habits.

Quit Plastic is a Zero-Waste Solution Company. An Eco-Friendly Products Online Retail Store based in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. A Franchise for budding Ecopreneurs. Quit Plastic is a Plastic Free Packaging Solutions Provider.​

A Futuristic Start-up Company, created to bring difference and make plastic free daily uses. However, we understand Plastic isn't the real problem, but our Mentality and Habits is. ​Our circumstance here is the ecological issue. Brains have differed massively regarding this matter so far, there have just been the green "Eco’s" and the unpleasant "Polluters". Do you plan to find a long-term solution here?​

All things considered, Quit Plastic has built up an idea that is future arranged, long haul and quite exceptional. Quit Plastic would not like to blame a group or shout slogans where there is not much behind. We need to make it clear to everybody that we would prefer not to change the method of living totally and unquestionably not short-term. It's tied in with discovering great alternative options to plastic and pollutants that are adjusted to our lifestyle.

We have a designed & curated packs for your plastic free occasions & lifestyle. Whether Home, Office, Picnic, Partying, Hostels, Paying Guests, Hospitals or even your car. Along these lines, to summarize it .Quit Plastic wants to provide all those products necessary to make single-use plastic-free living possible! And all this without the need of changing behavior!​

This is our answer and we are persuaded that it's anything but a simple yet unquestionably a possible method to zero in on the requirements of individuals or groups and not mentioning steady decrease and change in living habits.

At the end of the day, the human being remains selfish and wants to get out of the whole thing in the easiest and most pleasant way. In other words, in the Quit PLASTIC way.



Ecopreneur & Founder

Quit Plastic is a Plastic Free Food Packaging Solutions Provider & E-commerce store incorporated in July 2021 to change India's Single use Plastics Daily Habits.

We are an 100% Compostable or Biodegradable Food Packaging Tableware Brand with its roots in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. Our Conceptual Tableware Packs are First such in Asia Continent. Our Innovation in Biodegradable Food Packaging Industry maximizes the goal of being Carbon Neutral.

A Franchise for Budding Ecopreneurs.

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